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Is Your Partner Cheating?
Do you feel your partner is being distant? Has your relationship turned cold? Maybe you think you're going mad and it's all in your head?
Is your partner showing these tell tale signs:

At Work:
Trips to work at odd hours, Frequently talks about a new co-worker, Working late or early hours more frequently.

At Home:
Unusual demand for privacy, Secretive calls on their mobile, Unidentified calls or hang ups.

A change of hair and clothing style, Evidence of lying, Personality change, Unexplained items found, Excessive cash withdrawals, Starts visiting gym or tanning salons, Unusual demands in the bedroom.

Although any of these actions by themselves or in conjunction with others could confirm your partner is cheating they could also be completely innocent. But for your own peace of mind can you take the chance? If not call Paramount Investigations and let us help you sort through the puzzle.